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Chinese and Oriental Event Props Hire, Room Dressing, Entertainments for Parties, Functions, Exhibitions and Celebrations.
Mostly original craftsman made items from china ..
Specials acquired or made to order .. Dry Hire on some items, or with delivery and collection direct to your venue
.... e mail us for a full price list specific to your event : info@chinese-theme-props.co.uk

Our most popular10 items Hre (not in order).
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Pair 4ft Tall Chinese Lion/Foo Dogs

Chinese Lions HIRE

Parade / Pantomime Rickshaw

parade pantomime rickshaw for hire from Chinese Theme Props

Lanterns on Bamboo Poles

Chinese Props Bamboo Lanterns Hire

Dragons and Dance Costumes

Dragon Costume hanging in Marquee

Terracotta Warriors

Giant Sized Gong

Chinese Gong   Oriental Hire

Oriental Bridge

Oriental Asian Japanese Bridge for event Hire


Pagoda for Hire .. Chinese Theme Props

Shoji Screens.

Fretwork Panels

Fretwork Panel Japanese Style

Bamboo Plants (Artificial)

Artificial Bamboo Hire

Lanterns .. from huge range

Chinese Props Hire  Silky Lanterns Hire



Dragon Dance and Performance Costumes Hire

Spectacular and easy to use Dragon costumes in a range of colourways ideal for use by Professional Theatre, Amateur Productions, Dance Groups, Panto, Schools, TV and production companies for Advertising. Also for Weddings, clebrations and parties.
Easily used by all ages ..

Professional or Amateur Use

Dragon Dance Costume Hire Dragon Performance Costume Hire

3-4 person Dragon Dance Costume Hire (16ft length) ........ 11 available in various colourways
supplied with 1 metre poles for dance/performance as per the stage pictures. This is our standard unit for most circumstances.

3 persons caryy the Dragon, the 4th person carries the 'Pearl' which the Dragon chases/follows.

Costumes are in excellent working condition and look amazing either 'lit' or in daylight ... inspection is always available and welcomed. They are light enough to be used by all ages .. even Junior schools, Drama gropus etc.

Costumes are usually despatched to you by overnight courier (DPD) in a large box, unless you are local and wish to collect yourselves (TN330JR)
Hire Cost is £160.00 + VAT plus P + P (about £16.00 ... hirer organises and pays return)

Rather than Hire the costume for rehersal we recommend you practice and confirm your routines by using broomsticks, with a 2metre length of ribbon connecting the tops. Leave the head on or add approx 2kg weight for the person carrying the Dragons Head. You can check on you tube for performance ideas ...

pictures below

Dragon Costume Hire Dragon dance Costume dragon Dance Costume Hire
Dragon Costume Panto Dragon Costume Hire

Various Colourways

Dragon Costume Hire Dragon Costume Hire Dragon Costume Hire
Dragon Costume Hire Dragon Costume Hire

Single Person Costume (2 available)

Dragon Performance Costume

"just to let you know the Dragon was a great sucess at our Panto. So many comments about it as it was so effective on stage" Semi Pro Production Scotland
"Thankyou .. will make an exciting addition to the cast at Derby" ... Professionl Panto Production Co.
Dragon is here WooHoo ! ,,, Professional Panto Production
Thankyou for the Dragon and other items, we had a fantastic day, looked amazing" ... School Production
"Brilliant, perfect for the Ad" ... Food Company TV advert production Co

Demand for Dragons is very high over Christmas and Panto season as well as around Chinese New Year .. We have 11 Dragons in stock but still have problems meeting demand at times. Book Early !

To Book ..
please advise by e mail
Invoice Address and any applicable order reference .. plus bookers name
Hire Dates required
Delivery Address and Contact name (with Mobile Number) if being sent by courier
Any other applicable information
We will send you (by e mail) a Hire Booking Confirmation to sign and return to confirm the Hire

Any questions about Dragon Hire , the Dragons or performances please do give us a call Nick on 07850311202 01424775450



Call us on 07850311202 / 01424775450 for a Hire Price List

Dragon Dance Costume / Prop

This spectacular original costume from China is a huge 60ft+ long.
The head is 4ft x 4ft x 3ft 6". This certainly makes a stunning centrepiece for your theme. Generally for indoor use only. Head available as seperate item Lightweight to hang and looks amazing when lit

Enormous 60ft Long Dragon hanging in reception area for Event

dragon Head on Stand for Hire Hanging Dragon at Saville Gardens 60ft

Dragon Dance Costumes

Colourful genuine (made in China by traditional craftsmen) Dragon Dance costume. Available as free standing prop (also see large Dragon above) , also rigged for hanging with wires. Circumstances permitting you can fill your ceiling with these
These Costumes are also available for Theatre/Dance companies and schools to hire for productions and events ... It is supplied with 3ft poles for ease of use and shipping.
We have 11 of these .. Seven are 12ft long and for 3-4 persons. 2 are 20ft long and for 4-5 person, one is 40ft long for 9 person

On either we also have the 'pearl' (on 3ft pole) that the Dragon chases for an extra person
9 off currently in stock
2 x GOLD/Red... 3 x RED/Gold .... 1 x BLUE/Silver .... 1 x BLACK/Gold .. 1 x Green/Gold .. 1 x MIXED

Dragon Dance Costume / Prop Hire

Dragon Costume hanging in Marquee

Hanging dragons Decoration

Green Dragon Dance Costume Hire Dragon Dance costume 4 Hire ... Head Detail

Dragon Dance Head with 12ft body/Tail for single dancer (tail is reinforced with fibreglass rod) Only available in colour shown 2 off available

Dragon Dance Costume for Single Operator

Dragon Dance / Parade / Prop Costume

this is a lightweight costume ideal for bothe expreienced and inexperienced handlers to use for either dance, show or parades. Ideal for theatre groups as the head, tail and other key elements are painted with luminous paint colours.

This costume is for 9-10 persons to use
- Spectacular head approx 30" x 242 x 24"
- Articulated tail piece
- pearl
sensibly breaks down into components that will fit into a reasonable sized estate car for easy transport ... too big for courier though, so its collect, us deliver or look at one of our smaller units to hire !
excellent almost new condition

40 ft Dragon Dance Costume to Hire

Luminous painted Dragon Dance Costume Head ... To Hire Dragon dance Costme .. Body   To Hire Moonlight Dragon Costume 40ft ... to Hire

Dragon as Display Prop in Selfridges for Chinese New Year

Very Large 'Parade Dragon Head' (on stand)

A particuarly large and spectacular 'Parade' Dragon Head on a smart pole and display plinth. Standing 7ft tall, by 5ft width and 3ft depth.(see door size for comparison)
Original craftsman made piece from China . We do not have the body piece for this head (see our other Dragons) but do have the 4ft Tail section which may be used for specific effect

Parade Dragon

Lion Dance Costume Hire

Full size head  (approx 30” x 30”)
Body Cloth
2 Pairs ‘trousers' This item is not suitable for smaller children to use .. head is quite big and with body cloth fairly heavy (ok from about 15yrs upwards) . High quality traditional costume made in China by Craftsmen .. with Bamboo framed Paper Mache head

Lion Dance Costume 4 Hire Lion Dance Costume 4 Hire

Lion Dance Costume.. Display Item

Full size ( 2 acrobat) spectacular 'Northern' Lion Dance costume with an adjustable internal supporting frame to allow it to be used as a display item. Hand made in traditional way by Chinese craftsman and imported by ourselves.
Lion stands on a plinth to give it movement . great as a centrepiece as it can be viewed from all sides.
8ft High as shown x 6ft length x 3ft width

Chinese Props  Lion Dance Costume Display piece at a shopping centre. With Parade Flags Display Lion Costume on Plinth
Chinese Props Lion Dance Costume (Prop)

Unicorn Dance Costume Hire

Full size head  (approx 30” x 24 ”)
3M long Body Cloth, highly decorated, Tail and with bells
This item is not suitable for smaller children to use .. ok from about 15yrs upwards) . High quality traditional costume made in China by Craftsmen .. with Bamboo framed Paper Mache head Excellent almost new condition

Oriental Prop Hire


Lion / Unicorn Head

These beautifully made heads are about 16" diameter and come with a 36" 'tail'. Used in China for decoration or by children to do the Lion dance they make a great decorative item

3 off currently in stock

Lion / Unicorn Craftsman made bamboo and paper mache heads ... Hire Lion Unicorn Chinese Head ... Hire

Lion Heads

2 full size Lion Heads (from or Dance Costumes). Each approx 3ft x 3ft x 3ft. Beautifully made and decorated Bamboo and Papeir Mache by craftsman in China. Shown here on yellow and Black plinths.Available singly or as a pair
2 off currently in stock (only 1 available if you also have static Lion display piece)

Chinese Lion Display Prop Lion Costumefor Hire

Chinese Dragon Costumes for Hire. Selection of over 15 original and authentic Dragon and Lion costumes from China. For Productions, Parade and Hanging. Dragons range from single person to 10 person and 3M to 20M in length.Available in a range of colours, easy to use for both professional and amateurs in shows. Also great as a static or hanging display at your event. These are excellent value props for all occasions, see our pictures or ask for further details. Smaller Dragons can be sent by overnight courier to reduce costs, please ask for our information sheet.

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